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Hoarding Junk Removal Nashville TN

hording-junk-removal-1Hoarding junk removal is a delicate and specialized type of junk removal.By definition compulsive hoarding also known as hoarding disorder is behavior that creates a need to acquire items and an unwillingness to discard large quantities of items. This leads to massive clutter in living areas and in some cases unsafe living conditions.

Nashville Junk Removal Service is here to help assist counselors and social workers as well as the family members through this difficult process. We send only our most experienced helpers to our hoarding junk removal jobs. Hoarders think hording is very personal and yet as the piles of objects start spreading from room to room it affects so many more people who care and love them.

hording-junk-removal-2Many hoarders homes in Nashville become unsanitary and are breading grounds for rodent and insect infestations. We help the family, counselor, or home owner to contact a reputable exterminator. Once the house has been fumigated, we begin the hoarding junk removal process.

We normally start by loading the items that are marked for trash immediately. As we load the items we try to save as much as possible from going into the landfill. What our clients and families appreciate is our understanding of the situation and the fact that we donate as much as possible. The family of the hoarder and or client


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Nashville Junk Removal Service will recycle you r broken computer and electronics safely and responsibly. The chemicals and metals from electronics can pollute Nashville if not properly recycled.

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